Southern, Funky and Fun

Southern, Funky and Fun 

Posted: 8:30 am Sunday, August 14th, 2016

By Ann Kelly



What a week in Ann Kelly’s Kitchen!  From the sublime to the, well, kind of silly I have a few tasty items to share with you.

art cakeFirst stop was an over-the-top taste of southern cooking at Disney Springs and a morning spent enjoying the down-home hospitality of Art Smith’s Homecoming Kitchen. I’ll have a full story later this week but let me assure you a stop here will make you feel welcome and make your tummy very happy. Melt in your mouth biscuits, fried chicken that is so succulent and a traditional sweet tea will leave you lingering just a little longer. After all…there is dessert.


porker organpoor porker interiorMy next stop was to say the least quite unique but just as welcoming. I was in Lakeland as the thunder and lightning were really cranking up and found a fun place to ride out the storm – The Poor Porker. Completely unpretentious, a simple stop for coffee and the not to be missed beignets and locally sourced products in the little Corner Store. But it’s that courtyard with some of the most unique “planters” you’ve ever seen. The interior of this former gas station is now filled with mismatched chairs and tables, funky lighting, and is supposed to be a great spot to hang out in the evenings and weekends at 801 East Main Street. Join them on Facebook as well for the latest.


Hostess-Wal-Mart-Deep_Fried (1)And finally, they’re here. The Deep Fried Twinkies we usually indulge in at the Florida State Fair are now in the freezer case. For the next few months they’re only at Wal-Mart. It’s a first for Hostess with a frozen food, so let’s see where this takes us…besides up a dress or pant size.



Food is our common ground, a universal experience – James Beard