Goody Goody Is Open

Goody Goody Is Open 

Posted: 4:08 am Wednesday, August 24th, 2016

By Ann Kelly





This is a direct quote from my Facebook friend Tony Zappone regarding the level of excitement surrounding the opening of Goody Goody –Congratulations to Richard Gonzmart and Michael Kilgore, the men responsible for getting more publicity for the opening of Goody Goody in Hyde Park than NASA received during the first man-on-the-moon landing.”  That’s so true. We are obsessed here in Tampa Bay with the brand that disappeared from the food scene eleven years ago, but was never far from our hearts. But Goody Goody is officially open, original sign and all, at the corner of Swann and Dakota. Michael told me some 300 people told him they were going to be first in the door. That had to be a tight fit! But the first person through the door Tuesday morning was Mike Smith of Tampa, and at last county had three POX burgers, took two more home and promised to be back for lunch and dinner. 

Trying to get owner Richard Gonzmart to actually sit still for a few minutes on the day before the grand opening was an achievement, but despite little sleep and a million last minute details Richard was as gracious as always with his memories and downright giddiness over Goody Goody finally opening. This past week the philanthropic side of the Columbia Restaurant Group never looked better; a lot of money raised, a lot of people desperately trying to crash those parties, and new employees thrilled to be a part of it all.

I’ll tell you straight up. I’m a huge fan of Richard and his achievements here in the Bay area, and soon down in Sarasota. Yes, I did ask him to autograph my beloved Tasting Team T-shirt and cap. Take a moment while you’re sitting there, looking over the menu, and send me your memories and first day photos at ann.kelly@coxinc, and I’ll be happy to share those here in Ann Kelly’s Kitchen. Wonder what Richard and I talked about? I’m happy to share!