Who Are America’s Fattest Cities? 

Posted: 4:43 am Friday, November 4th, 2016

By Ann Kelly


fattest-citiesThis is not a list you want to be #1 on. WalletHub has come out with their list of “The Fattest States in America,” using stats from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Sure looks we need to hit the gym a little more with more than three-quarters of adults coming in at overweight or obese. Florida is listed at 30th, but that’s better than being in the top five. From fifth to first, those cities are Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, Louisiana, and at number one – Mississippi.

2nd-annual-goody-goody-turkey-gobble-5k-67For the first time there are more people in the obese category than just overweight. That’s some pretty scary stuff. Considering we’re getting into the heart of the holiday season when we generally tend to pack on a few pounds this might be a good to assess how much exercise is on the daily agenda, and what’s on the plate every day. If you took part in National Eating Healthy Day earlier this week you already have a lot of solid information from the American Heart Association to start with that includes the Heart Walk coming up on the 12th. Yes, you can still be a part of that right here. And before sit down to the calorie fest known as Thanksgiving you can be with me bright and early Thanksgiving morning for the Second Annual Goody Goody Turkey Gobble 5K. Please make sure you register right now and find me that morning. I want to know what motivates you!

heartI have to admit I’ve backslid a little myself but avoiding mirrors does not make it all go away. Correcting bad habits, making sure I’m not reaching for an iced coffee but an icy bottle of water are good moves. And speaking of moving, more of that is most definitely important. Making sure when I’m here at work to get up and walk around instead of sitting way too long and maybe, just maybe taking those stairs once in a while is a good idea. C’mon, we all have people in our lives that we want to be around for just as long as possible and my firm intention is to be there when they need me the most and as healthy as I can be. We can do this together, right?

Let’s make a deal. If I can do this you can, too. There is strength in numbers and it’s something you don’t have to do alone. I’ll be looking for your tips and stories – more to come soon!


The greatest wealth is health – Virgil