What’s On The Menu?

What’s On The Menu? 

Posted: 9:09 am Saturday, December 3rd, 2016

By Ann Kelly


hummusLove hummus? Me too! But if you have some of this in the fridge from Trader Joes ditch it. They have recalled the Mediterranean Hummus or White Bean & Basil Hummus for possible listeria contamination. We have more info from Trader Joes for you here. But hey, it’s not that tough to make your own with as few as five ingredients, and add whatever special flavors you’d like. Tahini is a sesame paste that is the base for most recipes, but you can make a very nice version without it.

anacondaBurritos are one of my favorites  for breakfast especially Amy’s Organic. They do come with a fair amount of calories, however and there are lower calorie versions like the Atkins that are also sitting in my freezer at the moment. But have you heard about the “Ananconda Burrito?” It’s from a restaurant in Fresno. There’s no snake meat involved but it’s three feet long and loaded with traditional fillings beef, refried beans and rice. And they keep running out of it at $23 per burrito.

hersheysWe’ve also been hearing about the chocolate shortage this year thanks in part to supply and demand. That could account for some companies coming out with new versions of their favorites  using less chocolate. Remember the change to the Toblerone bar that no one knew about until they opened one up and found a new design? Very unhappy consumers there. But Hershey’s has come up with something new that sounds pretty good. Their Cookie Layer Crunch Bars come out this month in three sizes and may remind you of a Twix bar. By the way my favorite way to get a nice little hit of chocolate and peppermint has abolutely no calories – or guilt. The Republic of Tea has a Peppermint Chocolate version that’s delicious and I don’t add anything to sweeten it with, it’s that good.

Ann_Kellys_Kitchen_Collection_2015_LogoEnjoy the weekend and keep an eye out for a nice Ann Kelly’s Kitchen Collection for this month with some of my favorites from this year. Yes, especially great for regifting for the foodie friend in your life.


When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile. – Regina Brett