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New Year? New You?

  • 3:35 pm Thursday, December 28th, 2017 by Ann Kelly

Resolutions? Please. I used to break them faster than I could make them. But having a support system to help keep them, now that’s a plan! Losing weight is a big one, and check out what a difference it made to this couple. 400 pounds! This is the kind of story I love to share. They went viral on their Instagram account and it’s pretty inspiring.

But just in case you’ve already resolved to have a good time on New Year’s Eve (with a designated driver, of course) there’s always that inevitable morning after. Ever tried Pedialyte as a [More]

No No No On The Cookie Dough

  • 3:55 pm Wednesday, December 20th, 2017 by Ann Kelly

Soooo tempting, right? One big bowl of cookie dough waiting to be baked and you standing there nibbling away on the raw dough. A little won’t hurt, right. Wrong. There was a recall on flour not too long ago which was contaminated with E. coli and that’s what led to people in 24 states getting sick. So take a little advice from the FDA to stay merry and bright.


Christmas cookies can’t help but be retro; they are memory first, sugar-flour-egg-redhot-gumdrop-sparkle reality second – Dana Goodyear

Moderation Is More Than A Suggestion

  • 6:04 am Friday, December 15th, 2017 by Ann Kelly

‘Tis the season for excess and that’s why on the average we gain seven pounds over the holidays. Seriously, that’s a lot in a short time and those New Year resolutions to lose weight are that much more difficult. I didn’t lose 17 pounds to just gain it all back. Not happening.  So here’s a few things to keep in mind when the bad spirits move you.

Diet sodas – I stopped cold turkey a few years ago upon the advice of my gastro doc and I’ve never looked back. Oh I get the craving – I’ll always want Cherry Coke Zero [More]

Warm Bread And Hot Soup For The Soul

  • 6:44 pm Saturday, December 9th, 2017 by Ann Kelly

I admit it. I LOVE BREAD…too. Okay, enough of the channeling Oprah. But what is it about the smell of fresh bread baking? Total comfort. Walk into any bakery for something other than bread and the minute wraps around you it’s all you can think about. But with our chilly weather a bowl of hot soup is what we need to go with the slice slathered in butter. Hey, I can write about it and not gain a pound. But for some real favorites that would be nice this weekend, check these recipes out.

And all that cheese you like [More]

And The Mystery Oreo Flavor Is…

  • 6:43 am Thursday, December 7th, 2017 by Ann Kelly

I think a whole lot of you figured this one out, but the fun folks who produced the “mystery flavor” Oreo have finally ‘fessed up to what it was….Fruity Pebbles! The minute those cookies hit the shelves social media was crazy with guesses, but quite a few of those reviews were on the negative side. But with a prize of $50,000 who doesn’t want to give it a shot? We simply love a classic, don’t we? But whatever filling is inside my little sister Tricia always has a lot of chocolate-covered Oreos on hand for the holidays. You bet [More]

Lunch With A Lake View

  • 5:18 pm Sunday, December 3rd, 2017 by Ann Kelly

It was only a banana and a protein bar, a bottle of water and a chance to just relax until heading into Orlando. But I highly recommend a picnic table with this kind of view. I was surfing through the Florida State Parks site for places near Orlando and found Lake Louisa, the largest in the chain of thirteen lakes named as an Outstanding Florida Waterway.

I only wish I would have had time to take one of the many trails in the 4,500 acre park but a nice walk near the lake was fine. I did keep an eye [More]

Food For The Holiday Soul

  • 5:18 am Saturday, December 2nd, 2017 by Ann Kelly

Sunday in Hyde Park Village? Made for breakfast at Goody Goody, a walk through the newly renovated shopping district and on the first Sunday of the month a visit with the vendors at the Fresh Market. But tomorrow add to that the rare opportunity to tour some of the historic homes just steps away on the Old Hyde Park Home Tour. This year you’ll be able to tour six beautiful historic homes, some almost 100 years old on Fielding Avenue between Swann Avenue and Inman Avenue, with an added stop on Bayshore.  Add to that a visit to the [More]

Challenge Met, Pounds Dropped

  • 2:52 pm Sunday, November 26th, 2017 by Ann Kelly

This is working! I’ve visited four parks so far for the Hillsborough County Hiking Spree (more on that in Ann-Ventures) and all the extra exercise is paying off. It’s the perfect complement to my workouts with Jim at the BayCare Fitness Center and the hard work of my nutritionist Charlotte. Thanks to the program she has set up for me I can happily say there are sixteen pounds no longer a part of my life. And with the Hiking Spree challenge added to that I have the chance to not only get to know more of the county [More]

Where Do All Those Calories Go?

  • 10:52 am Thursday, November 23rd, 2017 by Ann Kelly

Well, if I were being the least little bit sarcastic, I would those calories go straight to places that have enough padding already. But there is good news for those of you who started your day with me at the Goody Goody  Turkey Gobble. You may have burned off enough calories to earn that slice of pumpkin pie! And here I was only kidding the other day when I said that! I track my food every day through MyFitnessPal app and I always check to see what a little extra exercise might earn me. Love it and that’s the [More]

Deep Fried Turkey?

  • 1:27 pm Sunday, November 19th, 2017 by Ann Kelly

The simple fact is unless you do it right, deep-frying a turkey  can be dangerous. The stats from the National Fire Protection Association cite Thanksgiving as the top day for cooking fires. The top states for the most fires due to deep-frying turkey has Texas on top, followed by Illinois, and Pennsylvania and Ohio tying for the top three. A little prep, a lot of care and most definitely no kids around when you do it can lead to a great bird and no calls to 911. Take a look at a few tips from the experts and feel free [More]