Cleaning Up My Act 

Posted: 10:06 am Sunday, January 15th, 2017

By Ann Kelly


First may I thank all of you show shared their stories of dealing with arthritis and lupus with me. There truly is strength in numbers and a strong support system can make all the difference in how we deal with any chronic condition. So I’m happy to share my five favorite things that have led me to my current weight loss of almost ten pounds.

  1. fruits-and-veggiesEating a “cleaner” diet; you’ve probably heard of clean eating, and we’ll be talking more about this later in Ann Kelly’s Kitchen. But someone once said to me if you don’t have to read a label, you don’t have to count the calories. That might be a bit simplistic but the bottom line for me is I want to eliminate as many processed foods as possible from my diet. It takes a little work. Okay, more than a little but it’s worth it to me. I take a few hours, usually on a Sunday to prep foods for the week and eliminate the possibility for grabbing something quick versus something healthy.  I took a little trip this past weekend to the Land of Natural Delight Farm in Plant City to check out their organic offerings and came home with a nice little stash that includes jicama. I haven’t cooked with it before, but I’m looking forward to a very fresh dish. Nice place and worth checking out as we get into the season for picking fresh greens and more.
  2. mango-splitterI’ll admit I have a real love for kitchen gadgets but I only buy them now if I know I’m really going to use them a lot. What good is something if it gets used once and ends up in the next yard sale? My current favorites are that mango splitter which is getting used on an almost daily basis; and the spiralizer that gets used on everything from fruits to vegetables and attaches right onto my KitchenAid mixer. Working faster and more efficiently makes it all so much more enjoyable.
  3. I’ve dedicated myself to making significant changes but I’m sure not willing to sacrifice food that tastes as good as it is for me. So I’m digging through my cookbook collection, searching online for new recipes and talking with friends about their favorites. One that came up a lot was the Overnight Oatmeal I’ve mentioned before that takes just a few minutes to put together and is ready in the morning. I get protein, fiber and a very tasty breakfast that’s completely portable.  Add to that my Veggie veggie-egg-muffinsEgg Muffins and homemade turkey sausage I head of to work with good food to help me make it through the morning and forget the vending machine ever existed.
  4. Drink that water! I’ve said before that the most important thing I’ve ever done was to stop drinking soda. Once upon a time I grabbed a protein bar and a soda and called it breakfast. You can stop cringing now. I know, bad Ann, very bad. Oh, I still enjoy a protein bar but it’s carefully chosen and NOT at the center of my diet. Water is. But how much? That’s something to talk with your doctor or nutritionist about. But personally I know when I’m working out I need a lot more than usual. I sweat, I lose water and that has to be replaced (especially on leg day!). I think we’ve all been heard we need to drink at least 8 glasses of 8 ounces of liquid a day but it’s going to vary for each one of us.
  5. honeymoon-island-trailAnd finally the most important item along with a healthy diet – exercise, staying active. No matter what it is you choose to do, do it. Taking a walk, working out with a trainer or in a class, whatever you’re happy with try and do it as often as possible.  I find a combination of working out with a trainer twice a week for an hour combined with long walks outdoors and at-home exercising is what makes me happy. Sitting around, not so much.  But there are going to be days or even weeks when I might be going through a flare up. That’s the time to listen to my body and not overdo it.

baycare-bc_l_rgbThis is my individual experience. Always consult with your physician before starting any weight loss and exercise program.  For more from BayCare and the Health and Wellness Program just click here.  I’m always happy to hear from you with suggestions, comments and yes, great recipes we can share with everyone. Just pass those on to me at