Celebrate Craft Beer Day

Celebrate Craft Beer Day 

Posted: 4:55 am Monday, February 13th, 2017

By Ann Kelly


ann-and-mayor-buckhornNot that we need a reason to enjoy a fine craft brew, but when a mayoral proclamation is involved it’s a necessity. This Wednesday is Florida’s second annual official Craft Beer Day and Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn made it official with a proclamation issued at the beginning of the month. Mayor Buckhorn is a fan of the industry himself, and I had the chance to speak with him when Ulele created a lager just for his honor.


The Brewmasters Club is a Tampa based tech startup and developer of the Brewmasters Club mobile app which customizes craft beer pairings with everyday meals. They were the ones to lead the original initiative in 2016 to commemorate a date that stands out in Bay area history.  If you think the evolution of the craft brew industry is a recent thing, think again. Take if back to Feb. 15, 1897, when Florida had the opening of its first locally owned and operated brewery located in the heart of Ybor City. The Florida Brewing Company was the first brewery in the southeast and became the largest exporter of beer to Cuba in the U.S.
craft-beer-dayTake a moment to hear more about the big day from Donnie Gallagher – Co-Founder of the Brewmasters Club and Matt Abdoney, Senior Craft Brand & Marketing Manager from JJ Taylor Distributing, Florida. To link up with the Brewmasters, that’s right here.



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