Indulge At The Florida State Fair 

Posted: 12:57 pm Monday, February 13th, 2017

By Ann Kelly



It’s really a very good reason to enjoy funnel cakes any number of ways, anything deep-fried and on a stick and then get on any one of 115 rides on the largest midway in the US – that’s this year’s Florida State Fair! I spent an afternoon at the fair getting to know some of the good folks who spend a lot of time on the road to make sure we get those treats, and they all have a great story for why they do what they do. There’s Mama Jane who made the award-winning Cheesy Fried Enchilada Funnel Cake; Kettle Corn Ice Cream from American Concessions which is run by Griff, who’s an American Airlines pilot! Then there’s the Nutella Oreo Crumble Funnel Cake that redefines “indulgent,” and the Florida Firecracker from Shockley Foods with a neat little treat in the middle of a 10 oz. burger…we’ll leave it to you to discover that! I have a calorie free look at what to expect at this year’s Florida State Fair below, and be sure you discover the fun now through February 20th. Click right here for all the info! 

Only you get the behind-the-scenes look at a special menu item from Mama Jane!


Here’s a look at that luscious Kettle Corn Ice Cream from American Concessions and American Airlines Pilot Griff.


Paul actually builds some of the concession trucks you see and he makes a mean Nutella Oreo Crumble Funnel Cake