Cleaning Up My Life

Cleaning Up My Life 

Posted: 10:22 am Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

By Ann Kelly

…and the next thing you know – cocoa!

Just put all the ingredients in a food processor….

If there’s one thing I can say about the way I’ve changed my eating habits is that there’s nothing I really miss. I believe that deprivation is the downfall of any “diet” which is exactly why I’m not dieting. I’ve taken the step to make lifelong changes that have already given me great results with the loss of 15 pounds. So what exactly am I doing? I’m eating clean, and that means eliminating as many processed foods as possible. That was a little bit of work at the start but the results are so worth it. I have a pantry that’s organized and cleaned out of so many useless items that had been hiding in the back for way too long – like something with a “use by” date of 2015? Oh boy…Add to that taking a day once a week, usually a Sunday to do a little prep and have a freezer full of meals ready to go, eliminating any and all excuses. There’s more fresh fruit and veggies and no more bags of useless snacks. Oh I still have my sweet tooth for sure. But I make my own blended hot cocoa mix that I can use to flavor a small cup of coffee and have an instant latter, or just enjoy on its own. I did use the last of the processed cocoa because I just couldn’t bring myself to throw it away and waste it. But from this point on I’ll use powdered cacao. That’s the actual bean that gives chocolate its start. I view that attached recipe as a starting point. Experiment with what works for you.

One other item I’m just totally in love with is plain Greek yogurt. Check the label on the ones that have things added to them and you’ll realize there’s too many things there you really don’t want. Use your own fresh flavors like fruit, cacao, etc. I use the Greek yogurt in so many recipes and my favorite is still those wonderful little mason jars of Overnight Oatmeal. Finally, I fallen totally in love with Gallberry Honey. It’s a southern staple that has a nice, almost wine-like taste that I just can’t get enough of. That over my Overnight Oatmeal, in my green tea or just a spoonful for a sore throat and I’m very happy. So you see I’m not taking a thing away. I’m adding what is fresh, in season and so much better for me, and stepping outside that comfort zone that had kept me away from new flavors and experiences. There really is no limit! I’d be happy to hear from you and how you’re changing your life for the better as well at

The right tool for the job – I love my mango splitter!

This is something I could never have done on my own. Thanks to Charlotte at the Baycare Carillon Wellness Center I found the path I’ll travel down the rest of my life. If it’s time for you to take that next step, just click here for more information. And remember, this is my personal experience and you should always speak with your physician first before starting a weight loss program. Coming up next. it’s an Ann-Venture. You get to meet Jim at the Gym, my personal trainer at Baycare who’s made me realize I can do it!