The Good, The Bad And Just Plain Sad

The Good, The Bad And Just Plain Sad 

Posted: 7:29 am Wednesday, April 5th, 2017

By Ann Kelly

Three stories caught my attention this week all dealing with what we eat and what we should not eat. So this edition of Ann Kelly’s Kitchen we’ll take a look at the good, bad and the sad. To start, this is definitely an acquired taste, but someone thinks it’s good – Peeps Pizza. A guy came up with this one and added pineapple as well. Two things – sugar rush for sure, and good luck getting all that melted goo out of your teeth. At least it’s colorful…..

The bad? Let’s start with WHAT we’re you thinking? Someone brought what turned out to be baked goodies with cannabis oil as the secret ingredient. A hospital worker who brought them in for the rest of the staff said they had no clue that was in there and that someone else in the family made them. Yep, the cops were called and six people had to be treated.

And finally a very sad commentary on how poorly we treat our own earth. A young bald eagle ate plastic that was carelessly tossed aside. Vets were hoping to save the eagle but it was all just too toxic. So please think twice about tossing garbage aside.



Years ago we talked about recycling and not throwing things down your drain and all that. But talking doesn’t help much. Basically it’s going to haveto be legislation because the impact is so huge and diversified – Ted Danson