Have A Seat In “My Mother’s Kitchen” 

Posted: 4:58 am Friday, May 12th, 2017

By Ann Kelly

My cookbooks have always been very precious to me because each one tells a story, many of them preserving memories and menus from days gone by. That’s why I find Peter Gethers new book “My Mother’s Kitchen: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and the Meaning of life” very precious.


Gethers wrote the book to celebrate the life of his mother Judy Gethers whose father owned a legendary Jewish kosher dairy restaurant called Ratner’s on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. She had a stroke in her 80’s and was no longer able cook. That’s when Peter Gethers found a new calling in life. To preserve her love of food and sit and cook with her twice a week. Thus his book was born. It even made Peter a better cook!


“My Mother’s Kitchen” is a touching look back at their life, along with photos from the family and of course, recipes. This may inspire you to make sure your family recipes and memories are better preserved as well. I’ll share my interview with you all here, and to all of our mothers, we wish you the happiest of Mother’s Day.