Florida Chef Is Back For Redemption On Food Network Star: Comeback Kitchen 

Posted: 6:08 am Monday, May 15th, 2017

By Ann Kelly


If charm alone could win the latest competition on Food Network – “Food Network Star: Comeback Kitchen” – Josh Lyons would be the clear winner in my book. In an all to brief phone interview of less than fifteen minutes I wanted to know a lot more about this South Florida chef who was a finalist on Season 8 of Food Network Star. Talk about doing it all – Josh is a musician who’s band is called “Fell on Deaf Ears”, a restaurant consultant, has a real thing for photography and a very cool dad. In the culinary world Josh is known as a great sushi chef who creates rather unexpected Asian fusion dishes. Anytime you’d like to do that in Ann Kelly’s Kitchen Josh, you’re always welcome.


But back to Comeback Kitchen. Listen to what Josh had to tell me in our interview and you’ll know just how much he wants this. Face it, cooking competitions aren’t for everyone. Think the pressure in the kitchen of a great restaurant is high? Try doing all that with a camera in your face. I wish I could tell you how it all turns out but you know Josh wouldn’t give that info up. So start with the show premier Sunday night, May 21st at 8 pm and let’s see if Josh’s charm and talent can take him all the way.