Sales Tax Holiday for Hurricane Supplies 

Posted: 5:08 am Thursday, June 1st, 2017

By Ann Kelly

Waiting until the last minute to make sure you have all the supplies you need for hurricane season is not only dangerous, it can cost you money. So save a few bucks with the sales tax holiday for hurricane supplies that begins tonight at midnight (Friday morning) and ends Sunday at midnight. The biggest issue you may have to deal with is when the power goes out, and in Ann Kelly’s Kitchen we don’t want your family to suffer. The list of tax-free supplies ranges from portable generators to help preserve the food you have and cook a few hot meals, containers for the fuel to keep them going, the reusable ice packs that come in very handy, coolers and ice chests and items to keep those supplies dry like plastic drop cloths.


For whatever reason, don’t you feel like the first thing you try and stock up for when a storm is imminent is bread and milk? Those aren’t tax free but those coolers we mentioned sure are. But there’s a reason we do that. It’s honestly because we see others doing that, and we feel the need to join in. Whatever works, but I keep the shelf stable almond milk on hand, or even the powdered milk. It’s just easier in the long run. So to save some serious bucks, you need to check the full list right here. Please check the WDUV Hurricane Guide for things to take care of before severe weather hits like shopping lists, just how much food you’ll need per person and foods you’ll want to avoid, along with important safety tips.


Forecasters expect this to be an above average season with up to 17 storms so prepare now. We’ll be here in case of severe weather with our partners from 10 News, home of Stormtracker Ten. Meteorologist Ashley Batey took a few minutes to talk with me about the latest information on the two new advisories that are being used for the first time this year – storm surge watch and storm surge warning. Storm surge is especially dangerous for us here in the Bay area so getting those advisories as early as possible can be live saving.