Danger – Falling Sausage In Florida

Danger – Falling Sausage In Florida 

Posted: 4:56 am Thursday, July 20th, 2017

By Ann Kelly

I’ve found Five Fun Finds this month in Ann Kelly’s Kitchen and we start of with one of those “only in Florida” stories. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…sausage? Yes, somehow 15 pounds of Italian sausage fell out of the sky and right onto a home right here in Florida! But where did it come from – was it on the menu for their backyard barbeque, or is there a more mysterious answer? Nah! Check out the full story here, and keep an eye on the sky.


A cold beer would have gone so well with a grilled sausage but there was a slight problem with a truck’s brakes that resulted in a whole lotta brew being spilled. Do you grab a glass or cry in your spilled beer. I’ll tell you what they had to do.


Don’t tell these guys about all the lost brews. The Beer Can Regatta is an annual event in Australia. You have wonder just who emptied all those cans…


The newest tasty addition to Hyde Park Village is now open. Fig and Julep opened on Snow Circle earlier this month and is sounds like quite a foodie paradise. I’m looking forward to wandering the aisles and checking out their aged balsamic vinegars, a personal favorite. Lot of other gourmet goodies, a charcuterie and cheese shop and every accessory you need (or just have to have) and more. Look for a story soon here.

And scallop season will kick off residents from Mexico Beach Canal to the Pasco-Hernando County line on July 25th and ending Sept. 10thTake a look at the rules and regulations from Florida Wildlife here, and enjoy!



Those who drink beer will think beer – Washington Irving