Pyrex Back And It’s Really No Trouble

Pyrex Back And It’s Really No Trouble 

Posted: 5:18 am Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

By Ann Kelly

Ask anyone – who has, or at least hasn’t had – at least one piece of Pyrex in the kitchen? Those great nesting bowls have been a staple for almost 100 years. But don’t think it’s a thing of the past or just something you see in a vintage shop. It’s back, it can be worth big bucks and you may have one of those treasure pieces sitting in the back of the cabinet in the kitchen.

Why are people rediscovering Pyrex? It’s sturdy and is multi-use. I’m up for anything in Ann Kelly’s Kitchen that can eliminate clutter. Take a peek at what’s hot and give us a look at what’s in your kitchen on Facebook and Twitter.


You only live once. Lick the bowl. – Author unknown