Posted: 5:05 am Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

By Ann Kelly

How often do you switch out the sponge in the kitchen? I’ve tossed the kitchen sponge onto the top rack of my dishwasher numerous times to clean it up and reuse but is that enough. Well….maybe. There’s a new study out of Germany that isn’t too pleasant. They found over 118 different kinds of bacteria on a common kitchen sponge. That’s more than what you might find in the bathroom and that’s not what you want in our kitchens. Of course that’s not the only place you need to make sure is cleaned up. Bacteria happens, but let’s take care of it. Oh and about that sponge. Change it out at least once a week.

There is a plus side to a clean kitchen – it might help you lose some weight. Get me a mop!


Maybe broccoli doesn’t like you either – author unknown