Save The Chickens! 

Posted: 5:22 am Thursday, August 24th, 2017

By Ann Kelly


Save the chickens! One farmer in Scotland’s flock likes to cross the road…a lot. So now they’re wearing reflective safety vests. Really! They’re live at a  Bed & Breakfast and the owners love their fresh eggs and wanted to keep them safe. Now guess how many people are booking rooms just to see why the chickens cross the road. I wonder if our Ybor City chickens need those? Check that link for the Ybor Chickens Society.


If you use Florida’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program one lawmaker wants a big change in how you use them.  He wants the state to ban SNAP users from being able to buy soft drinks with those.  This won’t be taken up until the next Legislative session in January 2018, but if it does get federal approval it would go into effect that following January.


Remember, we’re getting into the height of hurricane season and you should make sure your own kitchen is prepared. Are you ready with items like water, ice and  how to make sure those electrical outlets are safe as well? We’re happy to help and keep you safe in the Dove Hurricane Guide.


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I’m not counting any chickens – Jeff Bridges