Prepare Now 

Posted: 4:39 am Wednesday, September 6th, 2017

By Ann Kelly

Just look at all the posts on social media with people searching for the basics like water. Right now it’s long lines, empty shelves and a lot of people wishing they could wish Hurricane Irma away. Don’t we all. But please take time to double check that prep list. I spent most of Tuesday afternoon moving a lot of things out of the sunroom and into the living and dining room that’s just a little higher. The bookshelves are empty, one or two very cherished items will come with me when we begin storm coverage and only one piece of broken glass through it all.


We’ll be with you through Hurricane Irma along with our partners from Ten News, home of StormTracker Ten to track Irma, let you know where those sandbags are and where you need to go to be safe. I have a number of friends who are leaving today, heading north and they are all in my prayers. It’s hard to stay behind but I’m glad to be here as part of the CMG Cox Radio Tampa group that will be here through the storm.


All we ask is that you don’t take chances. As hard as it is for me to walk away from the house I know those are things. I can replace those. I can’t replace friends as easily. So please take along some patience as you get the food and water supply set. Let us know how you are on Facebook and Twitter. Love to you all, and be safe.