Posted: 2:52 pm Saturday, September 16th, 2017

By Ann Kelly


One week ago. Just one week ago I was backing out of my driveway in tears, completely convinced I wouldn’t have a home to come back to. I was very fortunate with only some damage to my beautiful Live Oak and of course no power. Today I went home to clean out the fridge and freezer. Wow. Aromatic isn’t the word. So many garbage bags later it’s all out of the house and things are sanitized.  When in doubt, throw it out! 

Are we back normal? Well…I suppose we’re getting there. Coming across the Courtney Campbell Causeway on side there were plenty of people on the trail getting in a run or biking. But the reality check was on the other side with utility trucks taking care of lines with trees that had fallen on them. I have plenty of friends that are still using generators and please be careful with those if you are. Sad to see that we’ve had deaths associated with improper use.

I’ll start restocking the hurricane supplies again, and when the power is back on for at least a week I’ll start restocking the freezer. Check the Dove Hurricane Guide for updates on storms, and stay safe.