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Challenge Met, Pounds Dropped

  • 2:52 pm Sunday, November 26th, 2017 by Ann Kelly

This is working! I’ve visited four parks so far for the Hillsborough County Hiking Spree (more on that in Ann-Ventures) and all the extra exercise is paying off. It’s the perfect complement to my workouts with Jim at the BayCare Fitness Center and the hard work of my nutritionist Charlotte. Thanks to the program she has set up for me I can happily say there are sixteen pounds no longer a part of my life. And with the Hiking Spree challenge added to that I have the chance to not only get to know more of the county [More]

Where Do All Those Calories Go?

  • 10:52 am Thursday, November 23rd, 2017 by Ann Kelly

Well, if I were being the least little bit sarcastic, I would those calories go straight to places that have enough padding already. But there is good news for those of you who started your day with me at the Goody Goody  Turkey Gobble. You may have burned off enough calories to earn that slice of pumpkin pie! And here I was only kidding the other day when I said that! I track my food every day through MyFitnessPal app and I always check to see what a little extra exercise might earn me. Love it and that’s the [More]

Deep Fried Turkey?

  • 1:27 pm Sunday, November 19th, 2017 by Ann Kelly

The simple fact is unless you do it right, deep-frying a turkey  can be dangerous. The stats from the National Fire Protection Association cite Thanksgiving as the top day for cooking fires. The top states for the most fires due to deep-frying turkey has Texas on top, followed by Illinois, and Pennsylvania and Ohio tying for the top three. A little prep, a lot of care and most definitely no kids around when you do it can lead to a great bird and no calls to 911. Take a look at a few tips from the experts and feel free [More]

We Have A Winner!

  • 4:15 pm Friday, November 17th, 2017 by Ann Kelly

Finally, we have winner, and a delicious new name for the new chocolate beer from Big Storm Brewing in collaboration with William Dean Chocolates. There were an impressive number of entries, nearly 500. But our winner comes from Sherry Olson of Winter Haven, FL. Cocoa Convergence is the winner, and this is how Sherry came up with the award winner –  “The name has two parts, the first being the obvious Cocoa from William Dean’s chocolates, followed by Convergence which means to unify or a place where air or water meets. I thought the names were a perfect blending of [More]

Help The Dove Feed The Bay

  • 6:26 am Tuesday, November 14th, 2017 by Ann Kelly

If you live in Pasco County, you live in an area with over 65,000 men, women and children who live below the poverty level. The Pasco Chapter of Metropolitan Ministries works every day to improve their lives. One part of that is making sure they have a good meal, serving hot meals three times a week. With the holidays upon us, you’re invited to join us for our annual Feed The Bay Thanksgiving food drive this Friday at the Wal Mart on Land O Lakes Blvd in Lutz starting with my live broadcast at 6 am. Please drop [More]

Don’t Be Chicken When It Comes To Turkey

  • 5:58 am Thursday, November 9th, 2017 by Ann Kelly

Oh, I so get it. If this is your first Thanksgiving dinner that you’ll be doing all the cooking for, it can be slightly panic inducing. But fear not, here in Ann Kelly’s Kitchen we’re getting a little help from the experts at Butterball. That means everything from making sure it’s thawed safely, cooking, carving, to stuff or not to stuff and what to do with those leftovers.

About those leftovers. I live for the day after Thanksgiving when you can create that amazing sandwich that has little to do with watching those calories. It’s just the pure bliss of [More]