Deep Fried Turkey? 

Posted: 1:27 pm Sunday, November 19th, 2017

By Ann Kelly

The simple fact is unless you do it right, deep-frying a turkey  can be dangerous. The stats from the National Fire Protection Association cite Thanksgiving as the top day for cooking fires. The top states for the most fires due to deep-frying turkey has Texas on top, followed by Illinois, and Pennsylvania and Ohio tying for the top three. A little prep, a lot of care and most definitely no kids around when you do it can lead to a great bird and no calls to 911. Take a look at a few tips from the experts and feel free to send those photos of your masterpiece along. Can’t wait to see them!

Now if you want to go totally off the rails and give this one a try, how about a “Flaming Hot Cheetos”  turkey? The trend for “flavor blasted turkeys” extends to a few more flavors, but I’m sure you already have some secret ones of your own. Feel free to share those as well, but honestly I don’t know I’d go the Cheetos route. I’m a traditionalist and like a crisp skin, juicy meat and yes, stuffing inside the bird!