Warm Bread And Hot Soup For The Soul 

Posted: 6:44 pm Saturday, December 9th, 2017

By Ann Kelly


I admit it. I LOVE BREAD…too. Okay, enough of the channeling Oprah. But what is it about the smell of fresh bread baking? Total comfort. Walk into any bakery for something other than bread and the minute wraps around you it’s all you can think about. But with our chilly weather a bowl of hot soup is what we need to go with the slice slathered in butter. Hey, I can write about it and not gain a pound. But for some real favorites that would be nice this weekend, check these recipes out.


And all that cheese you like on that french onion soup? Let’s just keep it to all good things in moderation. Yes, another new study says cheese may help prevent a stroke or a heart attack. But if you’re thinking of eating it every day, that would be a fairly small amount, about an ounce and a half. All good things in moderation….


Is there strength in numbers? When it comes to weight loss having a buddy certainly can make a difference. This couple lost nearly 400 pounds! How many times have you made that New Year resolution to lose weight? I’m right there with you but that oh so important support system may make the difference between failure and success.


And let’s wrap this one up with a healthy thought from another new study. When we eat a healthier diet we’re also keeping Mother Earth in much better shape. It’s all about how much it costs to grow the food along with how it’s produced and distributed.Researchers used Exiobase. Not a bad reason to work on our diets, right? Take a look at the full story, it’s pretty interesting.


It is impossible to think of any meal, no matter how plain or elegant, without soup or bread in it – M.L.K. Fisher