Perfect Is Highly Overrated 

Posted: 5:34 pm Saturday, January 13th, 2018

By Ann Kelly


We all mess up on a recipe. It happens. But how annoying is it when you follow the directions to a “T” and it STILL doesn’t work. We have a monthly breakfast and I offered to make my Cinnamon Coffee Cake. Great recipe, and spoiler alert – it starts with a cake mix! But I used a Nordic Ware bunt pan with a darker baking surface. I greased and floured the pan, poured it into the pans and into the over. They looked great when they came out. Cooled them for a while and gently tipped them over onto the racks, tapped them and out the cakes came…almost. Half was solidly stuck to the bottom. Oh yes, I tried to salvage the mess by gently trying to lift it out. Nope.



So when I asked you on Facebook for a little advice, Ann Palumbo turned me on to Baker’s Joy. I will never used anything else. The second try was perfection. Live and learn. The recipes comes from one of my favorite people. Anne Byrne is known as the Cake Mix Doctor and I have all her books. Wonderful recipes, quick and easy and sooooo good. The Cinnamon Coffee Cake is a huge favorite. Check it out for yourself.




With this cooler weather I also felt the need to cocoon a bit Saturday and take advantage of a little free time to make a whole lot of roasted vegetables. It’s my go-to for just about every meal and I now have about 20 individual servings in the freezer. Of course having the whole house perfumed with the aroma of  garlic and onions made me happy – and hungry. It also keeps me honest when it comes to a healthy diet. I keep it simple, generally using olive oil,  salt and pepper and let the onions and garlic take that taste bud party to the next level. But feel free to experiment with your favorite seasonings.



I used a Truffle Sea Salt from my favorite shop Savory Spice in downtown St Pete to give a nice, earthy flavor to the whole heads of roasted cauliflower. Turned out very nicely. I just brushed the heads with olive oil along with the salt and pepper. Oh, and it pays to invest in a good Extra Virgin Olive Oil for the best flavor. Another favorite addition is parmesan cheese. When I’m looking for those healthy recipes I usually check my Eating Well, Clean Eating and Cooking Light magazines for ideas. I’d love to know which ones you use, so please feel free to send them along at



My other fav for the weekend is a very tasty Chai Latte that saves a lot of calories. Trader Joe’s has an excellent Spicy Chai Tea that I start with. I use two bags in a cup of water and let that steep as long as overnight in the fridge if I’m going with a chilled Latte, or for around five minutes if I just can’t wait to cozy up to a hot mug. To that (hot or cold) I add another cup of unsweetened Almond Milk which is all of 30 calories, and sweeten with Sweet Leaf Liquid Stevia in Vanilla Cream (all natural and no calories). You might have to experiment with just how many drops are enough. I go with 8-10 and it’s perfect. If you want to use the Vanilla Almond Milk and fewer drops that will work, too. Tastes so good and so much less expensive to make yourself. I also make a nice little day starter to sip on the way in to The Dove each morning with one cup of chilled coffee to one cup of my Almond Milk and have a delicious iced coffee. For a little sweetness and flavor I’ve used the Chocolate Sweet Leaf Liquid Stevia, Chocolate raspberry or the Vanilla Cream.

So what’s happening in your kitchen? Share!!!


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