Hippie Food – Did It Ever Really Leave? 

Posted: 9:51 am Sunday, January 28th, 2018

By Ann Kelly


What’s my first thought when someone asks what I consider “hippie food?” Granola, vegan diets, all the stereotypes, right? Well, what I might have considered a stereotype has an intriguing history that’s really an important part of what I eat today and what many have changed their lifestyles to include. A new book from James Beard Award-winning food writer Jonathan Kauffman takes us through the culture and the history of health food and how we baby boomers kept it alive. “Hippie Food – How Back-to-the-Landers, Longhairs and Revolutionaries Changed the Way We Eat” reflects the how and why of a food movement born of the rejection of the “square” politics of the day and took our love for the earth and a different way of life. So no, what we may consider a healthy diet today that may include whole grains, yogurt, tofu and so much more isn’t all the new. Learn about the Source Family, the Diggers, and where the wholefoods movement impact took hippie food to the mainstream.

Jonathan Kauffman

“Hippie Food” is a great, informative and a fun read that I recommend you share. Everything old really isn’t new again, we’ve just embraced what we might have taken for granted. Enjoy what Jonathon had to share with me in our interview.