Huzzah For Unicorn Cake At The Bay Area Renaissance Festival 

Posted: 5:28 am Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

By Ann Kelly




From humble beginnings in Largo 40 years ago the Bay Area Renaissance Festival is underway with new food, new features and the same incredible inhabitants of the village off 46th St in Tampa that will take you back in time every weekend through March 25th. It’s a step back to the 16th century complete with the King and Queen once again ruling the weekend. But I did mention food first, of course. Sir Robin Goodfellow and his merry minstrel gave me a taste of what the 28 on-site kitchens produce from Unicorn Cake, those beloved turkey legs and a wide variety of sandwiches perfect for indulging in as you check out what’s featured this year – a new edition of The Quest, free beer tasting at the Pit of Misery and cocktails at the all-new Thrones of Swords Pub.  But this is just literally a small taste of what’s in store.


Love steampunk? Mermaids and Fairies? Working on that 16th century accent and jargon? How about a human chess match, jousting and everything unicorn? It’s here at the 40th Annual Bay Area Renaissance Festival, a world away from our hectic world with the chance to go back in time, dress for the occasion and take on the persona of whomever you’d like. It’s all in extremely good fun. I’ll show you all the details when you click here and keep an eye on the WDUV events guide for more information. And for ticket information and upcoming themed weekends we have all that for you here.



When lacing a bodice, it you can breathe it’s not tight enough – Molly Goodwench



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