Prep For Success 

Posted: 1:09 pm Sunday, March 11th, 2018

By Ann Kelly


Take advantage of fresh fruit in season and stock up. I keep bags full in the freezer.

My Sundays are usually spent one of two ways; on an Ann-Venture to get in a good walk and enjoy our cooler weather, or making sure my food prep for the week is ready to go. But since I lost that precious hour of sleep last night and spent most of the day at the Suncoast Animal League’s Mutt Madness I admit I’m exhausted and not in the mood to do much more than watch the Barefoot Contessa on the Food Network. Just love how calm she always is in the kitchen. But since starting that new medication for Lupus that I shared with you here I’ve had to deal with the side effect of extreme fatigue. It’s not with me night and day but I’ve had to learn to adjust. Never has a good diet been more important.


We eat with our eyes, right? My Irish eyes are smiling now!

So I’m taking advantage of a few shortcuts in Ann Kelly’s Kitchen. I make sure to include veggies in every meal which wasn’t always the case so I picked up a container of pre-chopped tomatoes, onions and green pepper, as well as sweet potatoes. The egg whites are in a carton that is all egg white, no preservatives. So an easy saute of the veggies while the potatoes are roasting in the over wasn’t a lot of work.  I think the most work there was chopping some fresh rosemary to mix in with the sweet potatoes along with just a touch of olive oil.  I roasted them on a pan line with parchment paper at 4:25 for about 30 minutes. Just perfect! And once the veggies were ready I just poured the egg whites on top, let them set for while and did a gentle scramble. Now I have five healthy meals in the freezer and ready to go to work with me. And it wasn’t a lot of work.

The other item that’s required a bit of adjustment is keeping up with my exercise. It’s never been more important but it can be a challenge now. Working with a personal trainer like Jim Healy at the BayCare Fitness Center at St Anthony’s Carillon is what I look forward to twice a week. Based on the energy level we make adjustments but it’s always low-impact. I’ve also joined the challenge they offered to members. I’ll record each minute of exercise starting this week which will equal one mile. At the end of the challenge my goal is enough miles to make it from here to a particular location which is Nashville. Yes, it’s the lowest of the three we can choose but you have to start somewhere. I’ll do roughly 180 minutes per week to make it. I will also not beat myself up mentally if I fall short of the goal. Doing my best is all I can do, but I do love a challenge.

So what are your favorite foods to prep for the week, and how do you overcome challenges? I’m always happy to hear from you and see what little tips and tricks you have for me! Just send those to me at It’s still National Nutrition Month and what better way to make that every month that with a pledge to take better care of yourself like I am.


Health is like money. We never have a true idea of its worth until we lose it. – Josh Billings