A Few Tasty Tidbits 

Posted: 5:01 am Tuesday, March 13th, 2018

By Ann Kelly



I’m surprised I don’t see this more to be honest. If you happen to drop in at the restaurant in Virginia you’ll notice something new on the menu – sign language. The owner recognized the need since one of their servers are deaf and it’s pretty helpful and an opportunity to learn something new for customers. Not a bad idea, right?



The first day of Spring is next Tuesday, March 20th and if you happen to find yourself near a Rita’s Italian Ice between noon and 9 pm, how about a free treat? Oh, and Dairy Queen will also be giving away a free cone. We like free.



The Bay Area Renaissance Festival is still underway weekends through March 25th and we’re giving away free tickets this week. Click here and I’ll tell you all about it. That incredible cake is Unicorn Cake and is just one of the delights you can enjoy.



If music be the food of love, play on – Shakespeare