A Hive For The Buzzin’ Bees 

Posted: 4:06 am Tuesday, April 24th, 2018

By Ann Kelly


The most beloved books in my personal library are the ones with the pages perhaps a little smudged from the banana bread I was baking, or a page that is bent for a convenient bookmark to be read later. But how about a book that is designed to be turned into something wonderfully useful? That’s the concept behind “Turn This Book Into a Beehive” from four-time Emmy Award winner Lynn Burnelle. Lynn writes for Bill Nye The Science Guy and has four Emmy’s to show for her work. Lynn makes science fun, and when it comes to bees, makes a lasting impression about their importance to our ecosystem.



So how much do you know about bees? Lynn helps dispel some myths and gives us more useful information on bees that you can ever hope to use in a lifetime of Trivial Pursuit. But among all of that are activities for the whole family that will open your eyes to how friendly a bee can be. Learn to plant a bee-friendly garden, discover the hierarchy of the hive and how many hundreds of bees it takes to make one pound of honey.  Take time with the kids to listen to my chat with Lynn, and click here here for a chance to win your own copy of Lynn’s book. We’ll also treat you to other sweet books from Christy Jordan (Sweetness) and Jessica Siska (Treat Yourself). We’ll choose one winner at random on Friday.


Be as busy as a worker bee this spring and learn how to turn your book into a beehive, too.