Gummy Beers? 

Posted: 5:36 am Wednesday, April 25th, 2018

By Ann Kelly


My first reaction was most likely the same as yours – keep gummy beers out of the kids hands! But this new product is completely non-alcoholic, you only get the taste. It’s part of a promotion from Corona for Cinco de Mayo. They went on sale at Nordstrom and the Sugarfina site earlier this month. But I’ll bet I also know what else you’re thinking – why buy those when you can make your own “drunken gummies” Those definitely need to be kept of the kids hands.


Another recall and this is another one to get out of the freezer. The Budget Saver Cherry Pineapple Monster Pops and Sugar Free Twin Pops have possible Listeria contamination and were sold in Florida. There’s more on the recall here. What’s delicious in your life right now? I’d love to hear about your favorite new foodie hot spots or a recipes you just have to share. Send all that along me in at


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