It’s The Voodoo They Do So Well 

Posted: 11:41 am Sunday, May 20th, 2018

By Ann Kelly



Why in the world would I get up at 7 am on a Sunday morning when it’s pouring rain to get doughnuts? One simple reason – Voodoo Donut, now open at Universal Orlando’s CityWalk. Oh I tried to head over when I got here Saturday night in another monsoon that only Florida can deliver with such incredible timing but was way too tired from an almost three hour trip over. Nicely flooded off ramps added to the thrill. Walking to my room I saw so many people coming back with slightly damp boxes Voodoo Doughnut boxes and big smiles. They were out of the rain and ready to grab a cup of anything hot to go with what was in that precious box from Voodoo. But may I say not making it over there until Sunday morning was oh so worth the wait. When you see some 40 people standing in line in the rain just to get what everyone else is talking about you know this is going to be good. No, fun. And decadent. And it comes in a pretty pink box. Because at Voodoo Doughnut “Good Things Come In Pink Boxes.”

Two good friends by the names of Kenneth “Cat Daddy” Pogson and Tres Shannon created Voodoo Donut and they can tell you right down to the date and time when it all began – May 13th, 2003 at 8 pm. I didn’t even mind standing in line (okay, I was inside out of the rain). It’s a good way to check out all the selections. Raised yeast, cake, vegan, and special occasion doughnuts are on the menu. I had to go with the classic Voodoo Doll doughnut.


Oh my….it’s a raised yeast doughnut with a generous filling of raspberry jelly, a delicious dark chocolate frosting and the added touch of a pretzel stake. Glad I was alone for this one, I was in no mood to share. But I did bring one more of those and an Apple Fritter to share later. When you have a coworker also making the trip over to help with the Monday broadcast you have to say thank you, right? The Apple Fritters are one of the Voodoo Doughnut selections that are also available with a Vegan option.


There are more than 50 to choose from, or if it’s all too much  try the Classic Dozen or the Voodoo Dozen. When I turned to leave that line was once again back out the door. But no one was leaving or complaining, More like happy and content they had made it. Standing in line isn’t dull at all by the way. Great music, art and time to determine which of those doughnuts will be yours, all yours. There is one other slogan that speaks the truth. At Voodoo Doughnut “It’s Worth The Weight.” Leave the calorie counting at home. They are worth it.



The Magic Is In The Hole – Voodoo Doughnut


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