More Tasty Tidbits 

Posted: 6:26 am Thursday, July 19th, 2018

By Ann Kelly



Craving a new taste when it comes to the crunch? How about eight – count ’em eight – new flavors from Lay’s. It’s the #Taste of America” collection that includes flavors like Deep Fried Pickles with Ranch, New England Lobster Roll and Pimento Cheese. Hello southern cuisine on THAT one.  You won’t be able to find all the flavors when you go shopping, they’ll make it a regional rollout. But hey, there’s always Amazon….



We’re getting closer to the end of July but that plastic problem persists. What have you done to reduce waste from products made of plastic? Tell me and we’ll follow up in Ann Kelly’s Kitchen at I’ve seen posts from many of you on Facebook and Twitter pledging to pick up plastic when strolling on the beaches and parks – good job! I’m proud of the efforts we’ve made here at Cox Media Group Tampa with more recycle bins for paper and plastic, and especially one for all those K-Cup pods. Those do add up in a hurry. The “Gounds To Grow On” program makes it easy to recycle in your office, too. Just click that link to get started. Thanks to our Chief Engineer Dylan Scott for working so hard to make our recycling efforts a reality. Please also take a moment to visit Plastic Free July for some ideas what you can do to carry the mission through every day.



An employee prepares vegan coffee with soy milk at vegan cafe. (Photo by Steffi Loos/Getty Images)So what’s your preference – daily milk, almond, soy? There’s news from the FDA. They want to make sure that the non-daily milks have proper identification and standards which honestly is fine with me. What exactly are the differences when it comes to nutrition? Take a look. But will it change your mind?




My day starts at 2 am, so dinner time for me is around 2 pm. That may be paying off for me with a lower cancer risks, The International Journal of Cancer has a study out that says if we eat dinner at least two hours before we go to bed can lower the risk of breast and prostate cancers. Interesting, but why? Check the report and keep in mind lowering our fat intake also helps a great deal.



Found a hot new spot to eat? Looking for a little support for your favorite local business? C’mon fellow foodies, tell me all about it at