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Fantastic Food At The Fair

  • 5:56 pm Sunday, February 11th, 2018 by Ann Kelly

I’m not sure what was deep-fried back in 1904  when T.J. Laud-Brown, the manager of the Tampa Bay Plant Hotel convinced city leaders of the need to bring the South Florida Fair to the grounds of his hotel. But I’m sure it was as delicious then as it is now. Welcome to the 2018 edition of the Florida State Fair, ranked as the #1 State Fair of the Year. Half a million visitors will make the trip to Tampa and enjoy thirteen new attractions that include the Florida State Fair Dance Championships featuring the Dance Moms, Monster trucks and that [More]

Frying With Air – Why Not?

  • 5:27 am Sunday, February 4th, 2018 by Ann Kelly

Please. Who doesn’t like the crispness, the crunch of something fried? But not so much when it comes to the fat, the calories, sodium…okay, okay, I’ll stop. But since I still love things that may not be good for me I find a way to enjoy them in a healthier way. Enter Kathy Hester and “Vegan Cooking for the Air Fryer.” Take back the crisp and the crunch, take out a lot of the calories with any of the 75 recipes that range from snacks, from breakfast to dinner and even desserts – in an air fryer!

And how do [More]

Hippie Food – Did It Ever Really Leave?

  • 9:51 am Sunday, January 28th, 2018 by Ann Kelly

What’s my first thought when someone asks what I consider “hippie food?” Granola, vegan diets, all the stereotypes, right? Well, what I might have considered a stereotype has an intriguing history that’s really an important part of what I eat today and what many have changed their lifestyles to include. A new book from James Beard Award-winning food writer Jonathan Kauffman takes us through the culture and the history of health food and how we baby boomers kept it alive. “Hippie Food – How Back-to-the-Landers, Longhairs and Revolutionaries Changed the Way We Eat” reflects the how and why of [More]

Perfect Is Highly Overrated

  • 5:34 pm Saturday, January 13th, 2018 by Ann Kelly

We all mess up on a recipe. It happens. But how annoying is it when you follow the directions to a “T” and it STILL doesn’t work. We have a monthly breakfast and I offered to make my Cinnamon Coffee Cake. Great recipe, and spoiler alert – it starts with a cake mix! But I used a Nordic Ware bunt pan with a darker baking surface. I greased and floured the pan, poured it into the pans and into the over. They looked great when they came out. Cooled them for a while and gently tipped them over onto the [More]

Raw Water Craze – Safe or Dangerous?

  • 9:35 am Saturday, January 6th, 2018 by Ann Kelly

I drink a lot of water, all kinds. But this is one I’ll pass on for two reasons. It doesn’t strike me as safe and wow, the cost. It’s called “raw water” and it’s selling for close to $40 for 2.4 gallons. Seriously. It’s basically water that hasn’t been treated at all. No filters, no sterilization, nothing. As you can imagine, the CDC thinks it’s a very bad idea and potentially life-threatening. There are those that believe the water we drink now is bad for us. And the rest of us are just left wondering. Read the article [More]

Chocolate Extinction?!

  • 4:30 am Thursday, January 4th, 2018 by Ann Kelly

Say it isn’t so! Scientists are predicting that chocolate could be a thing of the past. The issue is the threat to the cacao plants from fungal diseases, climate change and more.  So how do they save the cacao? By modifying the seeds so they can grow in other regions of the world, and use that same technology for other plants as well. But some other news in the chocolate world is a new type called “ruby chocolate.” Sweet – here’s the full story.

If you love the convenience of frozen biscuits you won’t like this recall.  The T Marzetti Co. has [More]

New Year? New You?

  • 3:35 pm Thursday, December 28th, 2017 by Ann Kelly

Resolutions? Please. I used to break them faster than I could make them. But having a support system to help keep them, now that’s a plan! Losing weight is a big one, and check out what a difference it made to this couple. 400 pounds! This is the kind of story I love to share. They went viral on their Instagram account and it’s pretty inspiring.

But just in case you’ve already resolved to have a good time on New Year’s Eve (with a designated driver, of course) there’s always that inevitable morning after. Ever tried Pedialyte as a [More]

No No No On The Cookie Dough

  • 3:55 pm Wednesday, December 20th, 2017 by Ann Kelly

Soooo tempting, right? One big bowl of cookie dough waiting to be baked and you standing there nibbling away on the raw dough. A little won’t hurt, right. Wrong. There was a recall on flour not too long ago which was contaminated with E. coli and that’s what led to people in 24 states getting sick. So take a little advice from the FDA to stay merry and bright.


Christmas cookies can’t help but be retro; they are memory first, sugar-flour-egg-redhot-gumdrop-sparkle reality second – Dana Goodyear

Moderation Is More Than A Suggestion

  • 6:04 am Friday, December 15th, 2017 by Ann Kelly

‘Tis the season for excess and that’s why on the average we gain seven pounds over the holidays. Seriously, that’s a lot in a short time and those New Year resolutions to lose weight are that much more difficult. I didn’t lose 17 pounds to just gain it all back. Not happening.  So here’s a few things to keep in mind when the bad spirits move you.

Diet sodas – I stopped cold turkey a few years ago upon the advice of my gastro doc and I’ve never looked back. Oh I get the craving – I’ll always want Cherry Coke Zero [More]

Warm Bread And Hot Soup For The Soul

  • 6:44 pm Saturday, December 9th, 2017 by Ann Kelly

I admit it. I LOVE BREAD…too. Okay, enough of the channeling Oprah. But what is it about the smell of fresh bread baking? Total comfort. Walk into any bakery for something other than bread and the minute wraps around you it’s all you can think about. But with our chilly weather a bowl of hot soup is what we need to go with the slice slathered in butter. Hey, I can write about it and not gain a pound. But for some real favorites that would be nice this weekend, check these recipes out.

And all that cheese you like [More]