Is This The Hard Part?

Is This The Hard Part? 

Posted: 6:59 am Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

By Ann Kelly


baycareI won’t say it’s the hardest part, but it’s just one of those things I deal with. When the lupus decides to flare up that presents a special set of problems with working out. The last couple of months have definitely presented a challenge for me which culminated with a set of injections into my hips to calm a lovely case of bursitis down. I won’t lie, it hurt! Oh, not the shots but not being able to get up from a sitting position without being in pain, and more than a few nights spent tossing and turning. So I knew that having a plan for weight loss even when I can’t get in the kind of workout Jim usually puts me through at the BayCare Carillon Wellness Center was essential. Less activity, slower metabolism and the occasional “oh poor me” would usually send me running for something sweet and soothing. But despite hitting a plateau I know that long term success will mean short term sacrifices. So we work on the upper body when the lower body is in a very, very bad mood.



Just one of many I’m reading!

So where do I go in Ann Kelly’s Kitchen for foods that will give me comfort and a little bit of joy without tipping the scale in the wrong direction? Some days it’s getting cozy with a heat or ice pack and surfing the web for clean eating recipes that I can whip up and have on hand for the next week or two. Or going through that multitude of cookbooks and thinking of ways to make a favorite recipe healthier. But I’m twelve pounds lighter now and that alone feels so good!


But here’s the hardest part. Acknowledging that I am only human, with a chronic illness that will most likely act up when it’s the least convenient for my schedule. Learning that asking for a little help is not the end of the world, and that people do understand. It’s a perfect learning opportunity as far as I’m concerned. If I can help someone else understand just how many forms of arthritis there are, and why it’s NOT an old person’s disease, I’ll take that. Ask me anything you want. I’m more than happy to share.



Erin Zehm, Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis – Young Adult Honoree

I do have a request if you can share part of your Saturday morning with me. The Arthritis Foundation’s Walk for The Cure is coming up soon and we need as many of you as can join us for a fun walk or the 5K on Saturday, May 6th at Al Lopez Park in Tampa. Log on to and walk as a team, or an individual. Just walk! Remember this is my individual experience and always check with your physician before starting any weight loss and exercise program. For more from BayCare and the Health and Wellness Program, just click here. And please feel free to share your experiences (and recipes) with me at Here’s to a healthy life for us all!