Oh Halo-No! 

Posted: 4:11 am Monday, August 7th, 2017

By Ann Kelly

Don’t you just hate it when common sense kicks in? For anyone that’s experienced the bliss of a pine of Halo Ice Cream and figured hey, it’s healthier and I can eat the whole pint – slow down. Nutritionists say although some of the sugar and fat have been take out there are concerns about another sweetener that’s being used that doesn’t always produce the sweetest results for some people. All good things in moderation, right. How popular is Halo? Bigger than Ben & Jerry’s in some places. Now THAT’s a treat I cannot keep in Ann Kelly’s Kitchen along with Halo. I’ll admit it, I’m also one of those who can eat the whole pint and it’s just too tempting. Check out how one taste test turned out.

The problem with Maradol papayas has become a real health issue. The Center for Disease Control says at least 100 people have become very sick after eating them. Florida is not on the list right now, but pass the word along to friends.


If it’s too good to be true – it  usually is. – Numerous authors