Help For Harvey Victims 

Posted: 6:16 am Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

By Ann Kelly


How many times have we said it? No matter what the predictions for the hurricane season are, it only takes one. One historic, catastrophic storm like Harvey. The record-breaking rains continue to decimate the state but there is a way you can help. Join The Dove as we support our sister stations in Houston with donations that will benefit the Houston Food Bank. Those stations will be working all day Monday and Tuesday to help the Food Bank and to show your support for their work, please click here.



Who else is helping out? Anheuser-Busch has shut down their beer operations in Georgia and are sending half a millions cans of water into Texas to the Red Cross.  And then there’s this little guy who picked up his own bag of food as his family headed for safety. Good dog.



For more on those scams I talked about that are circulating on social media, just click here and pass the word along.  Social media has been a powerful tool in times of crisis and it’s being used right now by those in Texas who are desperately asking for help. Don’t compound their grief with a needless post. Do some good today – paying it forward is a powerful tool.