SNAP Program May Be Open To More Post-Irma 

Posted: 7:47 am Saturday, September 23rd, 2017

By Ann Kelly


Florida’s D-Snap program may be available to more Floridians who were not eligible prior to Hurricane Irma. Two months of benefits are being offered through the USDA’s Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.  If you were living in one of our declared disaster areas see if you’re eligible right here. You’ll be given an Electronics Benefit Transfer card (EBT).



Remember Death Wish Coffee? The “world’s strongest coffee” has had to issue a recall over botulism concerns. Specifically, it’s the 11 ounce cans of Death Wish Nitro Cold Brew that are being pulled off store shelves. There haven’t been any reports of illness due to the potential problem but they’re being safe and taking care of the problem now.



Like having your groceries delivered right to your home? How about having them delivered AND put away for you as well? WalMart is testing a new program that gives their drivers access to your house with a one-time access code. The new smart lock startup company August Home is their partner, and using their app you can watch your groceries being delivered. Silicon Valley is the test market. But would you be comfortable letting someone in your house even if you can see them? See more on the story here.



What do you do when over 40,000 pints of vodka hit the highway– and not in the delivery kind of way? You carefully remove each case by hand because they made the tipped over truck so heavy they couldn’t get the truck upright! The truck driver seems to have forgotten to secure the load. Oops.



And finally, National Coffee Day is this Friday, and the St Pete Craft Coffee Tour is booking tours right now. I’ve been on a tour and it’s just the best way to learn more about this beloved beverage. You’d be surprised at how many craft coffee shops there are in downtown St Pete and the neighborhoods close to downtown. So with the city of St Pete declaring September 24th through October 1st being “Burg Buys Local Week” why not treat yourself to a delicious cup and support our local baristas? And on the other side of the Bay they’re also working to support local small business owners with Shop Gandy! that kicks off on Tuesday.